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about me, what about me, nothing about me
These are the twenty "not me":
I'm not God, don't worship me.
I'm not dead, don't save me.
I'm not tall, don't curtail me.
I'm not dumb, don't critisize me.
I can't spell, don't correct me.
I can't dance, don't watch me.
I can't sing, don't listen to me.
I can't act, don't analyze me.
I won't strip, don't pay me.
I won't cry, don't demoralize me.
I won't kill, don't arm me.
I won't swear, don't anger me.
I shouldn't love, don't hate me.
I shouldn't dream, don't disappoint me.
I shouldn't eat, don't starve me.
I shouldn't live, don't kill me.
I might not care, don't walk away from me.
I might not fly, don't imprison me.
I might not desire, don't arouse me.
I might not think, don't question me.

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